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The Lexington Clinic Orthopedics -Sports Medicine Center (LCOSMC) and its Center of Excellence in Tennis Medicine and Science provide a wide range of resources for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Kentucky members and all-around athletes. Each month, our physicians will answer your questions on tennis sports medicine concerns, including specific tennis related injuries, risk modification, conditioning/nutrition and post return-to-play follow-up. If you have a question for one of our physicians, please fill out the form below. And make sure to visit this webpage regularly; every month has a new article!

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In its 40 years of existence, the LCOSMC has treated thousands of recreational, competitive and professional tennis players and has participated in the USTA Sports Science Committee for 27 years. Lexington Clinic Orthopedics - Sports Medicine Center professionals also serve as consultants for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).

Q&A Topics

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What are the best strengthening exercises for the arm and shoulder?
Arm and Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
Tennis Elbow slowing you down?
What can I do for Tennis Elbow and Exercises
What is the best way to warm up?
Pre-Match Warm-ups and Post-Match Recovery
Observational Tennis Serve Analysis
a tool for effective analysis of the serve motion that could be used easily on court.
Off-Season Conditioning
What is off-season conditioning? My tennis does not have an off season.
Pain – and how to deal with it while trying to play
How to assess your pain levels and listen to your body.
The Role of the Biceps in Tennis
What is the bicep(s) and what is its role in tennis? How did I hurt my biceps? How can I make my biceps feel better?
How can I train and play at the highest frequency but have the lowest chance of injury?
What is the role of strengthening for tennis? I don't think football type muscles are needed in tennis. Can I get strong enough just by playing?
I hear a lot of talk about stretching. Is stretching important for tennis players, and if it is, how should I stretch for tennis?
What is the role of speed and power in tennis? Do I need it, and what are the ways to get it?
Why do I need to have endurance on the court if the distance I run for each shot is short?
Knee Meniscus
About the Knee Meniscus, how does it tear and how do I know?
Achilles Tendinitis
What are the signs/symptoms of Achilles tendinitis and how is it treated?
Tennis Leg
What is "Tennis Leg"?

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